The Holistic Cooking Academy of Canada

Our Vision: To train holistic culinary instructors in the priovince of Ontario according to the Education Act of 2005, and in every province up to forty hours as a non-registered school but fully accredited by our Advisory Board. By 2017, we may then be matured enough within our high Canadian standards to serve outside of Canada, and we will approach the capital of each state or country in which our instructors have recieved our book list and have done forty hours of training in preparation to establish your leadership position that we can represent you for proper registration and due recognition. We desire to create an nternational network of professional holistic chefs and instructors. Learning to build immunity in nurturing and healing kitchens both at home and in classrooms and in catering services and restaurants will assist all teachers and health care providers. Those with a strong background in food science and services or have nutritional studies both formally and informally are preferred. Families who want to overcome food allergies and get the assistance they need to create a more sustainable future with biodynamic foods and applied nutrition for health will be served. We apply twelve principles that prevent disease using whole organic foods and organic animal fats and medium-chained vegetable oils that are cold-pressed and traditional oils.

Holistic cooking is a global pinnacle business, as there is much demand for services to detoxify the body. We know how to create balance physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We respect all creeds that respect human life. Please join us with distance education up to forty hours, for $1000.00 in complinace to the Ontario Education Act of 2005 for non-registered private schools. Holistic cooking standards are based on twelve universal prinicples which are sent to you in the first telephone interview.

Holistic cooking is a movement within the wellness industry. We want to see holistic cooking instructors in every town and city. Hands-on classes are currently available in Ottawa at Brookfield High School in Ottawa South, taught by Chef Kathy Smart of www.livethesmartway.com. Holsitic classes are 50% instruction and 50% hands-on. There is much need to understand your own body first so you know how to make better food choices. Call us for classes in your town.

Class Descriptions are at the side bar, 5th topic.

Nutritional analysis comes with each recipe. Holistic cooking has brought blood sugar to normal in three days, and headaches are known to be relieved in hours due to the balance created, and proven, in nutritional analysis taught to our instructors.

With steady compliance to twelve principles for nurturing and healing kitchens, this audited and endorsed program by our Advisory Board members beginning since October 1998., you too can create a nurturing and healing kitchen in your home and business. Use our scientifically sound nutritional precepts combined with organic foods as much as possible. All research is referenced.

This Academy was registered February 27, 2007 with Industry Canada as a corporation # 6727263 to provide social development in nutritional cooking classes.

Our pre-registration application to the Ontario Ministry of Training for Colleges and Universities was assigned #204059 in April 2007 to procede upon reciept of the registration manual. It arrived by emial on Feb 17, 2012, and by hardcopy shortly afterward in March 2012.

Following the guidelines of the Ontario Education Act of 2005 for non-vocational schools you may enroll to a maximum of 40 hours or $1000.00 We have approvals for 12 short classes. Six certificates can be issued. Holistic cooking instructors and chefs who desire to be holistic can be working after successful completion of the six open book progress reports, which must be 80% or more accurate.

Out-of-province students are tax exempt; Ontario residents pay the HST tax of 13%.

The full course will be submitted for accreditation to the Canadian Association of Natural Nutrition Practioners and the International Organization of Nutrition Consultants this November 30.

The cirriculum is constantly being updated. Your notes will show dates of last entry. Each theme keeps abreast of research and political developments.

No matter where you are, we invite you to enroll in distance education for forty hours to begin your journey to a healthy holistic lifestyle suited to your body type. your blood type and your brain type. Self awareness is critical to having a strong immune system.

The mimimum registration fee is $360.00 to start. (Ontario residents pay $46.80 tax). Please contact Lori, your holistic cooking instructor, by phone at 613-253-8862 and introduce yourself. After this interview, the book list and enrollment form is sent to you. Get the books and start reading while you enroll by check or by Pay Pal on this website. Your notes, recipes and progress reports are emailed to you. Your user name and access code to view the DVD’s at www.holistic-cooking.ca will be sent to you so you may see food demos, precepts and classroom interaction. Other teaching materials are mailed to you from time to time.

Two modules, Succulent Salads and Sumptuous Soups and Stews are $180.00 each, with two DVD’s per theme. Juicing for Health and Celebrate with Stuffings are $90.00 each and have one DVD per class. Nutritional Analysis is $100.00 to learn, and most valuble to create proper mineral balance and provide community services to others in food production.

Summer classes for instructors to have a hands on intense daily training at 20 hours per week for two weeks plus the progress reports on Fridays, and Health Kinesiology classes will begin by mid-June and be repeated three times. For 2014, please find the agenda listed by May 01.

Restructured ionized water is provided on campus. Restructuring is done with vortex technology designed by Clayton Nolte, a naturalist engineer. Sacred geometry increases the light in the water by 89%, by creating a molecular structure similar to the healing waters of L’ourdes, France. This technology is used by the US military to protect itself around the world. The vortex demagnetizes electrical charges to stop any adverse interference with the field force that surrounds the body. This water can kill some cancers in three weeks, as it has a high frequency that matches the Shuman Ressonance that surrounds the earth where gravity stops. Our connection to this ressonance is our birthright and this technology restores it.

Holistic cooking instructors have a personal code of conduct that upholds universal laws. They are taught to you in this course. You will be taught the “ethics of right thinking” and be asked to maintain good language and respectful behavior that will build good health, good relationships, global understanding, and human unity. It is indeed our honor and privilege to serve you.

September 14, 2013.